The story of One of a Thing all started with a Stone.
My inspiration here is to create Things that celebrate the natural uniqueness of the materials I curate. Things that flaunt the innate singularity of each Stone and Shell and String and Wire, yet commingle harmoniously within the confines of a finished piece of Jewelry. A Thing. I love to make these things, but it is where they are headed that drives me. I collect all of these beautiful ingredients, and I attempt to discover and interpret and expose how they are all connected...and how they might connect to You! Creating is so fulfilling, but nothing compares to the Joy of having You connect with my Things!!
That is what One Of A Thing is all about.
The connection between One Stone and Another, the connection between Styles and Shapes, and most importantly, the connection between my Creation and the Wearer. Every bead is a decision along the strand. Every strand is a conscious collaboration.
And that is why there can only ever be One of each Thing
...because there is only One of You!
Thank you for stopping by!
I hope you find some Thing you did not know you were missing.
Happy Browsing and All the Best!

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